lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

2003 The Return Of The Killer Swaps


01.Tainted Love [Not Another Teen Movie (2001)] 
02.Redeemer [Queen Of The Damned (2002)] 
03.Suicide Is Painless [Blair Witch 2 (2000)] 
04.Sweet Tooth [Strangeland (1998)] 
05.I Only Want To Be With You [Dead Man On Campus (1998)] 
06.I Sell Society [2000 Years Of Human Error (2001)] 
07.Break You Down [2000 Years Of Human Error (2001)] 
08.2000 Years Of Human Error [2000 Years Of Human Error (2001)] 
09.Get My Rocks Off 
10.A Rose And A Baby Ruth (Tracks Recorded In 1999) 
11.Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times 
12.Diamonds And Pollen (Tracks Recorded In 2000) 
13.Coma White (acoustic Version) (Recorded In 1999) 
14.The Way I Am (Danny Lohner Remix) [Eminem and Marilyn Manson (2001)] 
15.The Fight Song [Resident Evil (2002)] 
16.Resident Evil Main Title Theme [Resident Evil (2002)] 
17.Seizure Power Resident Evil (2002)] 
18.Reunion [Resident Evil (2002)] 
19.Cleansing [Resident Evil (2002)] 
20.I Don't Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me (Infected By The Scourge Of The Earth Mix)!9ZYAST6K!KVUlRAqdb7WBZ36FbnrYNQ5hOLAFa3DamSmMLTb_ycQ